Golfers who play Gungahlin Lakes Golf Course regularly soon become familiar with the rules of golf concerning water and lateral water hazards. The course features attractive lakes and ponds with challenging water carries across fairways and to greens. The lakes on the course provide a reliable water supply ensuring the course is in excellent year round condition for our members and visitors.

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Click on the images below to view the fly-through for each hole.

Hole 1

A straight drive will set you up for a good approach shot to a long green. Be careful of being too long or right off the tee as the trees readily come into play. The front bunker captures any shots that stray left.


Hole 2

A dogleg right with water on both sides. A shot into the right side bunker leaves a sand shot that can run off the green. Land your approach softly on the green to avoid running into the large, deep grass bunker on the left.

Hole 3

A shot right of the front bunker can see the ball kick into the pond. The left bunker and trussed grass provide challenging shots to hold the green. Don’t be long – there is a hidden bunker right and over the green runs into the water.

Hole 4

The left rough can feed your ball into the creek which runs down the side of the hole. Bunkers wait for any approach shots that are short or right. Left approach shots can feed into the deep grass bunker or into the creek.

Hole 5

Wind plays a large part where a short shot can catch the creek. A right shot can be blown into a grass bunker or onto the slope that feeds into the creek. The left side bunker is frequently visited.

Hole 6

The right rough pushes errant shots towards the creek making accurate shot making a must. Large green side bunkers and grass bowls readily capture any ball that falls even slightly short, left or right.

Hole 7

This long par 4 requires a straight drive to avoid the bunkers on the left and the right slope which feeds into the pond. Your approach shot can take advantage of the slope on the left to run onto the green.

Hole 8

Drive down the middle to avoid the bunkers on the left and the rough on the right which push your ball into the trees. The narrow green, which slopes from right to left, is protected by bunkers on both sides.

Hole 9

This is the easiest rated hole on the course but can punish the complacent. Avoid the trees as well as the hidden fairway bunker on the right and you will have an easy approach shot to the green.

Hole 10

An accurate tee shot is needed here with trees and out of bounds on the left, water on the right and a centre fairway bunker. The left side of the fairway will require a right to left shot into the green to avoid overhanging branches.

Hole 11

A long Par 3 over a creek onto a large two-tiered green. Avoid the green side bunker on the left, with the grass bunker on the right a popular bailout. A par will be well earned if the pin is at the back.

Hole 12

A dogleg right where a drive to the corner will give you around 150 metres to the green, any shorter and you may be blocked by trees. The back of the green runs into the pond.

Hole 13

Be wary of the pond that curves from the bridge back towards the 12th green. Past the pond the right trees can block your approach shot to the two-tiered green.

Hole 14

A short par 4 where a drive too far left brings in out-of-bounds or trees that can block your approach shot. The front bunker catches anything short, and the right slope will kick the ball away from the green.

Hole 15

A drive down the centre right will avoid the large and deep fairway bunker

Hole 16

The left side slopes towards the water attracting shots shaped to the left. A drive into the right trees will test your powers of recovery. Water, a grass bowl on the left and a gnarly garden await errant shots over the green.

Hole 17

Wind direction can vary widely on this short par 3 ensuring any shot that is not hit ‘just right’ will be captured by the bunkers that surround the green.

Hole 18

A drive too far right will feed down into gardens and a pond. Water and bunkers wait over the back and on the right. Rated the hardest hole on the course, it is a finishing hole that can make or break your round.

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