Care of the Cup

Taking Care of the Cup

We have a very busy golf course, and many of us plead with members, guests and the general golfing community to repair divots and fix plug marks.  Its these small acts that help maintain our playing surfaces.  LETS KEEP DOING THIS.

Another aspect is caring for the cup – that’s right, the little hole in the green that normally has a flag in it that we all try and get the small, round, dimply thing in, in as few shots as possibly.  LETS TAKE CARE OF THAT.

Did you know that when we putt with the flag in, and we sink that putt it is important to remove the ball with your hand.  By ripping the flag out at such a rate that the ball flicks out considerable damage is done to the lip of the hole, and can also cause the actual cup to become lose and move.  LETS ALL STOP DOING THIS.

On the same note, it may look cool to remove the flag and drain that 6 foot putt for triple bogey…but to then put the putter head to the bottom of the cup and flick your golf ball out…that’s right – it damages the cup.  LETS ALL STOP DOING THIS.

It’s the little one percenters that we can all do that ensures the playing surface is maintained to a high standard.  Remember, its your course – lets look after it.

Mark Hynes

Greens Chair