What you should be aware of when visiting us.

We wholeheartedly embrace both our members and new or returning guests at our venues on a daily basis.

Below, you’ll discover responses to frequently asked questions regarding your visit, just click on the question to see the answer.

Do I need to be a member to visit any of your venues?

No, you don’t need to be a member to visit us.
For residents of the ACT, it is mandatory to either hold a membership or be accompanied by a member when visiting us, even if it’s just for dining at our restaurants.
If you’re coming from out of state, there’s no obligation to hold a membership to access our facilities. Upon your arrival, you can register at our reception desk by providing an acceptable ID; please read below for more information on the forms of ID we accept.
Should you choose to become a member to enjoy additional perks, our welcoming staff can assist you with the process upon your arrival as well.

What forms of ID do you accept?

We accept any of the following ID:
·         Drivers licence
·         Passport
·         Proof of Age 

Please be aware that we maintain the right to decline entry if you are unable to provide a suitable form of identification.

What is your dress code?

While enjoying your visit to either of our establishments, we kindly request your compliance with our dress code throughout your stay.
The following dress is not permitted at any time:
·         Football shorts or jerseys
·         Dirty or torn clothing and workwear
·         Singlets and sleeveless shirts
·         Hats
·         Bare feet
·         Clothing with unacceptable slogans or logos

Do you have parking?

Both of our venues offer complimentary on-site parking to all members and guests during their Club usage.

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