Changes to process for signing score cards post Covid19

Throughout the COVID19 period, Golf Australia implemented a rule where players recorded and submitted their own scores instead of their marker’s (either on paper card or MiScore app) to prevent handling each other’s cards. From the end of April 2023 this rule will be removed.

What does this mean for me?

The new process will be most effective if all members use the MiScore app for recording and submitting their scores. This is outlined in section 1. The procedure will be different if one person uses a paper card. Refer to section 2 for this scenario.

1. Using the MiScore App

The MiScore app will be updated before the end of April, and the new procedure will take effect for competitions between now and 1 May 2023. Players will revert to the previous way of recording scores, where both player and marker sign the card once they agree on the score.

How will this look on the MiScore app?

The MiScore app is changing to show 2 signature areas – for the marker and player to sign. The marker will submit the player’s score. See image below for MiScore screen.

2. Use of paper cards

If either you or your playing partner use a paper card for scoring, you’ll need to follow these steps:

a) If you use a paper card:

  • You will collect a card from the pro shop when you register for your round.
  • At the tee, decide who’s card you will be marking. You will need to advise your player that you will be marking their scores on a paper card.
  • Complete the player’s details on the card (date of competition, name, handicap and golf link number). This will need to be verified by the player you are marking before your round starts.
  • Record your playing partner’s score on the paper card (whilst keeping your own score on that card as marker).
  • At the end of the round, as usual you need to agree on both scores, then
    • you will sign the paper card as marker and have the player sign as player.
      • The player should verify that all information on the card was completed correctly
      • The marker will enter the score from the paper card into the MiScore terminal near spike bar and put the paper card in the scorecard box
      • While the players responsibility is to ensure all information on the paper card (the official record of the score) has been completed correctly, the player should verify that the score entered into the system by the marker is correct.
    • your marker who uses the app will hand you their phone to verify and digitally sign YOUR score on the app

b) If you use the app but are playing with a person who uses a paper card, noting the information above, do the following in the MiScore app:

  • Select the name of the player you are marking
  • Record their score as player and your own score as marker
  • Your marker will sign and hand your scorecard to you. After signing the paper card as player, enter your own score into the MiScore terminal

It is expected that this change will come into effect from 27/28 April (you will see the new screens on the MiScore app).

If you have any questions on the new scoring methods, please ask one of the match committee around the course, or email .