Five AFC Teams Strive for Premiership Glory This Weekend!

After a whirlwind of a season the Grand Final is upon us! With five of our AFC Tricolours teams heading up for the ultimate victory in local AFL – taking home the Premiership. It needs no justification that we are undulating with excitement and nervous jitters.

Saturday 9th September will see our women’s Second Grade team take on the Queanbeyan Tigers at 9:00am, followed by First Grade women’s, First Grade men’s and Second Grade men’s teams all battling the mighty Belconnen Magpies. Then Sunday 10th September, the last showdown takes place for our Rising Stars women against Belconnen Magpies at 10:00am.

Our players have exhibited an unwavering tenacity this 2023 season, fuelled by passion and hunger that courses through the red, white and black colours of the Club crest. The commitment demonstrated from each of the men and women representing Ainslie speaks volumes and instils a certainty that their performance this coming weekend will be nothing short of everything they have got.

Senior Men’s Coach, Jason Tutt, acknowledges that it won’t be an easy run to come away with the win but the tools are there.

“All our opponents have been difficult to get past and we are aware of the challenges that they bring. We are up for it though – this is what we train for all year, what we plan for and we’re keen to grab the opportunity,” said Jason.

Undefeated all year, the Rising Stars Women’s team is looking to make it a clean sweep and coach Stafford Cooper thinks it’s a promising outlook.

“It’s an exciting time for the team. The playing group has worked really hard to get here, and we’ll enjoy the lead-in, the day itself and just put our best efforts in to get the prize,” said Stafford.

Senior Women’s coach Britt Tully, says looking back over the last few rounds, there was some unsure moments but the girls had brought it hard to prove their place in the Grand Final.

“Lucky for the double chance the semi final saw us against QBN. Making sure we took our last chance to make the GF the girls started fast and never took their foot off. Beating QBN to progress into the grand final this weekend. The hope and plan is to go one step further than last year and come home with the trophy,” said Britt.

Having watched over the Club all year, President Lee Phillips sees this year as a proud success to have so many teams in the Grand Final.

“A sensational effort by all teams within the Club, to have five out of six in Grand Finals is a very powerful statement. Players, coaches, support staff, and our valued volunteers work hard all year for this, and this is what Ainslie strives for. We are all looking forward to the contests and excited to see what the Women and Men of Ainslie can do,” said Lee.

We wish all of our Finals teams good luck this weekend and with a win or not, we are extremely proud and congratulate them on their tireless efforts all season. Go Ainslie!

Grand Final Fixture

  • Saturday 9th September – 2nd Grade Women’s 9.00am – AFC V Queanbeyan – EPC Solar Park, Phillip
  • Saturday 9th September – 1st Grade Women’s 11.30am – AFC v Belconnen – EPC Solar Park, Phillip
  • Saturday 9th September – 1st Grade Men’s 2.00pm – AFC v Belconnen – EPC Solar Park, Phillip
  • Saturday 9th September – 2nd Grade Men’s 5.00pm – AFC v Belconnen – EPC Solar Park, Phillip
  • Sunday 10th September – Rising Star’s Women’s 10.00am – AFC v Belconnen – EPC Solar Park, Phillip