Emergency incidents do happen on golf courses. One day you may need to call 000 for assistance and will need to direct emergency services to the nearest gate access on the course.

Your ACTION PLAN if Emergency Services are required is

1st call – 000  (or on mobile 112 if 000 fails)Give details of incident and exact location on the course. Emergency Plus Australia App is a useful addition to your mobile phone,

2nd call – Proshop or Club Reception to ensure gate key is readily available.

Stay with casualty and provide assistance until emergency services arrive.

Keys to access gates are held by the Proshop, Greenkeeper, Club Reception and some Emergency Services.

The gates are brightly marked with letters A – H for easy identification. Next time you play please take note of their location.

A copy of the gate location plan is on the wall at the entry to the Spike Bar.  See also GUNGAHLIN LAKES GOLF CLUB _Golf Course Emergency Access Plan