Heroes fundraise for the fight against heart disease

In support of a very important cause, the Ainslie Football Club, and Ainslie Football & Social Club, have donated $1000 toward Hero for HeartKids, a fundraising mission to assist one of our community rugby union players’ children, Salem Cantwell 💞

Diagnosed with congenital heart disease (CHD), Salem is a hero on his own only nearing the age of two in a few months and battling the horrible illness. His father, Ryan Cantwell, a player for the Gungahlin Eagles Rugby Union Club, and the rugby club itself have been instrumental in encouraging community support in battling the challenging disease.

Saturday the 15th July saw the Gungahlin Eagles Rugby Union Club and supporters dressed in superhero costumes in promotion of Hero for HeartKids on gameday. As a major sponsor of Gungahlin Eagles Rugby Union Club, the Ainslie Group took to assisting in donating $1000 toward Salem’s fight and hosting their post-match function at the Gungahlin Lakes venue. Furthering our ongoing backing of the rugby club, we aim to spread the word of this commendable purpose and hope others can try to give what they can to help.

With a goal of $5000, Gungahlin Eagles RUC have already well-exceeded this, nearing the $10,000 mark as of today. If you can, please donate for an important cause and get behind the mission.
President of Gungahlin Eagles RUC, Trent Pollard, has asked for donations to be done through the fundraising page Hero for HeartKids.

Photo credit: Elesa Kurtz