Knocking off the Risk of Head Injuries for AFC Tricolours Players

Recently, the Australian Football League has undergone major shifts in response to concussion concerns during game play and its potential life damaging consequences.

A strategic plan has been put in place to help mitigate the risk of head injuries in the league, with the initiation of an 11-step return-to-play program.

On Monday 17th April, the Ainslie Tricolours attended a concussion seminar held at Ainslie Football & Social Club addressing these risks, highlighting the dangers, and management post injury. Local leagues are operating precautionary measures to avoid the event of any head knock and cater to injury effectively, and ensuring this information is shared across Canberra can make all the difference.

Lynnet Bridgfoot, President of the Juniors at Ainslie Football Club, shared her views of the seminar reinforcing the importance of awareness and having not only the players but the wider community geared with knowledge and preparedness on the issue.

“As a mum of a child that has sustained 4 concussions, I am pretty passionate about ensuring that not only do I know the latest information regarding the injury, but also ensuring our footy community have access to it too,” said Lynnet.

The seminar covered in-depth discussion on consequences and management of these injuries, which Lynnet said provided extremely valuable insight for the club.

“It shared information regarding severity of concussion consequences, pathways to recovery and return to play, school and work, while also addressing the expectations from AFL Canberra and the football club.”

Her views came from not only her position as President of juniors but as a mum of a child that has suffered this injury.

“Concussions are a silent injury that impacts a player not only physically but psychologically as well. There is so much misleading information out there, that many become confused and, in some cases, fearful or in denial that the injury occurred. Providing the opportunity to learn and gain greater insight on the management of it is so important for all those involved in AFL.”

Ainslie Football Club take this very seriously and has expressed their dedication toward prevention and management.

“By working with physios and sport trainers we are keen to ensure there is consistent information across both senior and junior clubs regarding the initial response to head injuries at game day or training and the subsequent recovery options,” said Lynnet.

With this in mind we can look to a safer season ahead and those to come ensuring ‘the safety and welfare of all our players at all playing levels.’