Local Leaders pave the way at Limestone

The many hard hours our chefs put into our Limestone menus has paid off in a recent commendation from Healthier Choices Canberra, with the Local Leader Award.

As part of our pledge made in 2021, to be more inclusive of healthier options and ensure certain goals are met for dishes and menu offerings, we have now been named the first ever Local Leader for Canberra hospitality businesses for demonstrating excellence with this commitment.

Group Executive Chef, Chris Simms says the recognition enables them to strive to progress further in representing the healthier options for Canberrans.

“Winning awards and recognition for the work we put into our menus is a great motivation for us to push the boundaries of the variety we can provide to our members it also challenges our chefs to focus on the ingredients they use and to be adaptable,” said Chris.

Clubs have been known for the typical pub-style feed which generally would not fall into a ‘healthy’ bucket. However, the hospitality industry has seen a nutritious new chapter emerge in recent years. Our kitchens have embraced and embodied these trends, offering more beneficial items and options for our patrons.

Chris says the group has in fact benefitted from these changes and has strengthened the sense of commitment in serving the community’s needs.

“It’s important that we value the wants and needs of our customers and more people are aware of different ingredients and trends that are around now. Which means there is an increase in healthy eating and less fried and fatty foods all over the market.”

Being adaptable in the restaurant is vital in the current health-conscious climate, which Chris says is at the forefront when planning and presenting new items on the menus.

“We pride ourselves at both our venues to be flexible with our dishes, we can change and remove most ingredients from our dishes when required and that suits most people’s dietary requirements.”

As the head of our restaurant operations, overseeing the great triumphs our chefs achieve is humbling for Chris and says the hard work is undeniably recognised.

Congratulations to the Ainslie team at Limestone and a big thank you to ACT Health and the Healthier Choices Canberra group on presenting us as the first Local Leaders!