Player Withdrawal form

With the popularity of the MiScore app, an issue has been brought to our attention and the Match Committee has decided on the following:

Player withdrawal:

If a player withdraws from a competition round for any reason, they are to abide by the following procedure.

Most importantly, inform your playing partner that you intend on withdrawing, and the reason why.

If you are using the MiScore App

  • Finalise your round in MiScore by scoring P on the remaining holes and submit your score (your playing partner will continue to score their own card for the remainder of the round).
  • Complete a “player withdrawal form” (either yourself or your playing partner on your behalf) and place it in the score card box. The form can be obtained from the Pro Shop or outside the Golf Committee room.

If using a paper scorecard:

  • Write the reason for withdrawal on the scorecard, write your markers name on the scorecard and place in the score card box.
  • If the person closing out the competition receives the withdrawal form/score card before the competition is closed, and the reason for withdrawal is due to events of reasonable significance such as illness, injury, emergency bad weather or other reason considered valid by the committee, your score will be entered as “no score – approved” and the round will not be counted toward your handicap.

If no form/scorecard is received, or your reason for failing to complete the round was not due to an event of reasonable significant your score will be entered as “no score – not approved” (NSNA).

In accordance with current procedures, any player having 5 or more NSNA results within your last 20 golflink rounds will have their handicap set to “provisional” and no prizes can be won during this time.