Possible changes to the community contribution scheme

The support our community, charitable and sporting groups received from the Ainslie Group in the past may now be in jeopardy.

The Ainslie Group has served its community for well over 80 years and has always placed a high value on the support it provides to the local community and community groups.

The ACT Government is proposing to change the Club Community Contribution model to move support away from individual sporting and community groups to a select centralised charity fund (see the video here).

This means there is a very high probability that the support the Ainslie Group provides to many of its community and sporting groups may change.

It doesn’t make sense for the Government to take funding away from individual sporting and community groups, in favour of a centrally administered fund which is why I am seeking your support.

Without compromise, the Ainslie Group gives back to the community through supporting numerous sporting groups, charitable organisations and community facilities. This assistance is critical for many and goes to the heart of community clubs.

You can read more about this topic here:

We need your help.

We want to continue supporting all of our sporting and community groups long into the future, but we need your help now to ensure this can occur.

We encourage you to raise your concerns by providing consultation feedback by COB Monday 13 August 2018 to:

Mr Alex Ingham
Director Liquor, Racing and Gaming Policy
Email: LRGpolicy@act.gov.au
T: (02) 6207 0305

We also encourage you to send a copy of your feedback to any or all of the below:

Mr Andrew Barr MLA
Chief Minister
Email: barr@act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 0011

Mr Gordon Ramsay MLA
Email: ramsay@act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 2615

Ms Yvette Berry MLA
Minister for Sport and Recreation
Email: berry@act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 0233


Ainslie Football and Social Club:

Miss Candice Burch MLA
Member for Kurrajong
Email: candice@parliament.act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 0131

Mr Shane Rattenbury MLA
Member for Kurrajong
Email: rattenbury@act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 0005

Ms Rachel Stephen-Smith MLA
Member for Kurrajong
Email: Stephen-smith@act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 2661

Gungahlin Lakes Golf and Community Club:

Ms Meegan Fitzharris MLA
Member for Yerrabi
Email: fitzharris@act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 0022

Mr Michael Pettersson MLA

Member for Yerrabi
Email: pettersson@parliament.act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 1436

Ms Suzanne Orr MLA
Member for Yerrabi
Email: orr@parliament.act.gov.au
T: (02) 6205 1439