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ACT Gambling Exclusion Scheme Fact Sheet

The ACT Gambling Exclusion Scheme provides a means for people to be excluded from gambling at gambling venues in the ACT.

Self-exclusion is where a person chooses to exclude themself from gambling from as many gambling licensees in the ACT as they wish.

Licensee exclusion is where a gambling licensee believes the welfare of a person or their dependants is seriously at risk from the person’s gambling. The licensee must exclude the person from gambling at their venue(s).

Gambling licensees in the ACT include:

  • licensed clubs, hotels and taverns with electronic gaming machines;
  • all TABCORP ACT facilities including branches, agencies, telephone, on course and online gambling facilities; and
  • Casino Canberra.

A person who wants to exclude from other internet gambling services should contact the gambling provider. However, most Australian online wagering providers are licensed in the Northern Territory. Information about self-exclusion from online NT providers, including a form to exclude from as many of these as you wish, is available here.



Deed of Exclusion

Self-Exclusion from Gambling

If you would like help completing this Deed, including assistance from an interpreter, please contact: any ACT licensed gambling venue; the ACT Gambling Support Service on 1800 858 858; or the ACT Exclusion Support team on (02) 6207 0359 (option 3) or by email