Two Blokes and a Bloody Long Run for Ronald McDonald House Charities

Matthew Diglio (AFC GM), Jakob Wiley, Elijah Arranz, Harry Muir and Lee Phillips (Pres. AFC) present the cheque $13,333 to Ronald McDonald House Charities.


One foot in front of the other, AFC Tricolours players Jakob Wiley and Harry Muir ran a marathon in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Greater Western Sydney in early February. Just over a month later, they handed over a cheque worth $13,333 that they had fundraised for a deeper purpose.

The Two Blokes No Brains podcasters hold a special place for the charity. In 2019, their childhood friend Elijah Arranz had a near-fatal skydiving accident. In the care of Ronald McDonald House in Greater Western Sydney, Elijah recovered with the scars of a very traumatic time. Shaken by the circumstances but deeply grateful for Ronald McDonald House in helping their friend back to health, Harry and Jakob could not see another charity that was more suited to raise money for.

With 387 houses across 48 countries, the care the organisation provides is far reaching and incredibly important. Providing children and their families a place to stay and be looked after while they endure treatment from medical illness, the organisation leads a vital mission and needs undoubted public support. Harry and Jakob’s own mission, is to do what they can to bolster the walls of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Greater Western Sydney, so that they can continue helping families in need. Assisting over 2,000 families a year, there was a time where one of those families was one the boys knew well, and their own friend was in RMHC’s care. This memory worked as a driving force for Harry and Jakob in their 42 kilometer pursuit, coming across the finishing line with the thoughts of Elijah firmly in their minds.

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